Value chain

Value chain

Creating Customer Centric Organization

EBS Group along with its strong professional associations and consulting network is capable to provide high end business advisory services and solutions to establish a strong customer centric organisation. EBS supports organisations to have an effective Customer value chain through a robust business process for sustaining customer centric behaviours.
We closely ensure that clients having following:
  • Customer champions for key accounts
  • Ongoing reviews by top management on metrics related to customer focus and value chain
  • Customer satisfaction measurement
  • We advise organization on how to determine customer needs and expectations to plan and define a business model for long term sustained growth.

We advise organization on how to determine customer needs and expectations to plan and define a business model for long term sustained growth.
We use following methodology for getting voice of customers:
  • Data and information obtained from internal /external customers.
  • Customer complaints, recommendations, etc.
  • Quality operating system for Customer focus & Voice of Customer.
  • Defined business for capturing customer requirements that considers end customer and “other interested parties”
  • Market Research
  • Conducting Customer interviews through third party
  • Customer questionnaires and surveys using BOS concept
  • Market test and positioning reports
  • New product quality and reliability studies
  • Competitive product quality studies
  • Historical warranty and quality information
  • Warranty reports & Zero KM failure reports
  • OEM /Customer plant internal quality reports related to the product
  • Customer plant returns & rejections
  • Field return product analysis
  • Capability indicators
  • Team Experience
  • Customer letters and suggestions
  • CFT past experience from same industry or their previous similar industry
  • Past Quality function deployment projects
  • Dealer comments
  • Fleet operators comments
  • Field service reports
  • Internal evaluations using surrogate customers
  • Road Trips
  • Management comments or direction
  • Problem and issues reported from shop floor people & Govt. Regulations
  • The inputs from voice of customer analysis is effectively used for making marketing strategies and effectively linked to corporate strategic business plan for next five years.
The main objective of Customer Value chain management is following:
  • How much more business we are getting from present customers
  • The price increase from customer for value added services
  • The long term profit and loss targets for each customers
  • The Expansion of acquisition of business to meet long term goals.
Main Focus points of EBS Customer Value Chain Management solution:
  • How to identify the key customers for value chain management Study
  • Hoe to effectively engage to achieve maximum long term volumes and profits
  • Strategies for retention for customer with value added services
  • The customer value chain management study is done for each customer base and strategies may differ from customer to customer to maximize the overall profits.
  • Management keep few customers for long term perspective even though presently they may not be profitable
  • This approach will bring paradigm shift in organization to focus on how to improve value to customer by improving profitability on long run intead of product based marketing alone.
  • Our solutions will improve the marketing and sales processes and leads to target campaigns for improving business.
  • Customer value chain management deployment will help organisation to have timely market intelligence for defining the right marketing strategies
We have observed that mining of existing customers with better products with good quality, delivery, cost  and value added services is more productive than exploring new customers.

The marketing and sales should also focus on adding new customers. Good companies monitor the revenue targets separately for existing and new customers for existing and new products.

We offer complete solutions consisting of  Customer Satisfaction Survey,  support for doing brand profiling, market planning including marketing and pricing strategies  and managing Customer Value chain Management.