Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply Chain management Excellence

Supply Chain Management Excellence Advisory Services
Over the years, we have partnered with clients in solving most of the key SCM issues. We have advised them to take right decisions and actions to achieve planned business results and create sustainable business advantage.

Our SCM optimisation advisory services are one of the powerful tool for creating a sustained growth and competitive advantage. This will make client deliver faster with good quality and at cheaper price. We have our unique software for optimising the inventory level meeting the customer demands.
The global competition, increasing expectations of customers, process efficiency and supply chain responsiveness is forcing organization to think on bringing value to supply chains and thus reducing cost to be more competitive and one of the important decision which companies has to take is overall optimisation of SCM though outsourcing and thus getting the purchased goods at lower prices.

We develop supply chain strategies that are in line with and support the corporate strategy. Our consultants got global exposure to best practises in supply chain strategy, sourcing and procurement, supply chain planning, manufacturing and design, product realisation, and service management to help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities.
We ensure following while optimising the SCM, EBS Group key Supply Chain Management solutions:
  • Whether the present level of inventory will give us the required bottom line results in long term
  • Whether our whole supply chain is aligned to strategic business planning
  • How to improve the value chain using Lean tools ( Value Stream Mapping)
  • Cluster approach for sub supplier development
  • Supplier development programs
  • How industry should strategize to deploy international quality requirements of various OEM’s considering the mindset and cultural differences
  • Cost effective analysis and solutions for whole Supply Chain
  • Vendor /Supply Management
  • Vendor Rationalization
  • Process Audits
  • Working capital optimisation with effective control on Inventory
  • Cluster Approach for Supplier Development for Overall Business Growth. -- We got unique model for Supplier Excellence " Quality Architecture for "Supplier Excellence"
  • Second Party audits of Suppliers focusing on your Customer specific requirements.
  • Training of Suppliers on various Core Tools across globe coordinated by OEMs.
  • Supplier End -- SCM optimization, we provide our advanced planning solution (Software) along with our strategic consulting. Please read the link for more details –SCM Link
  • Re-designing of SCM business processes and creating customer and supplier partnerships for mutual advantage. The business processes will focus towards bringing down inventories, shorter delivery lead times, improved quality levels and
  • Reduced cost of poor quality, and greater service levels to customers.
  • Alternate Source development
  • Support for conducting vendor meet and Vendor reward scheme
  • Support for vendor satisfaction surveys for making the future strategies
  • Make or buy. We help companies decide whether to make or buy and then support the decision by aligning all their processes along the supply chain and building up the necessary internal capabilities
Supporting OEM’s & Big Corporate to outsource products & services:
  • Identification of sources
  • Doing initial assessment based upon customer specific requirement
  • Initial selection prior to Customer visits
  • Arranging the appropriate meeting with concerned management
  • Supporting for joint venture & collaborations
  • Strategic consulting model for supplier development
  • Ensuring the ongoing support to maintain Quality at sourced location.
  • Any other support requested by customers

We aim to optimize the complete system with both lean production and planning approaches.
Benefits of Lean Supply Chain Management
  • Reduced material costs
  • Improved material availability
  • Reduced sourcing costs
  • Improved incoming quality
  • Reduced working capital requirements and better cash flows management
  • Reduced lead times
  • Partnership understanding with suppliers and improved performance
  • Clarity of communications with supplier
  • No stock outs
  • Suppliers able to respond to frequent change in demand from customers effectively and efficiently
  • Sustainable development and for achieving mutual benefits and this will bring “win-win” relationships.