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Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma-www.exemplarybusiness.com

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Advisory services
We work with clients as strategic partners to improve business results by leveraging their strengths, opportunity & investments through effectively and efficiently engaging their human resources.

We also take this opportunity to proclaim our desire, towards partnering with you in achieving and maintaining your quality and business goals and facing global competitiveness in a more effective manner. We support our clients to improve value, reduce waste, improve quality and reduce costs to leave lasting sustainable benefit.

Our Lean and Six Sigma solutions have made our customers to improve the entire gamut of business results for sustenance and achieving competitive advantage. We aim at instigating a continual improvement process in the client organizations. Our solution will allow our clients to attain operational superiority and effective benchmarking with competitors.

While most of the people think Lean is only applicable to manufacturing industry, we have seen that same is applicable wherever there is value chain for providing service for customer. This can be effectively applied in service and transactional environments resulting in quick and effective results.

The lean concepts are effectively used initially by Ford production system and Toyota Production System (TPS).
We focus on nine key areas while deploying these tools:
  • Inventory focus
  • The process Approach
  • TPM & Maintenance approach
  • Layout and material handling
  • Team Approach
  • Suppliers
  • Setup
  • Quality
  • Production Control & Scheduling
Few of the tools which we cover during the deployment are:-
  • Value stream mapping
  • Six Sigma Tools
  • Kanban
  • Setup reduction methods
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • One Piece flow –wherever required
  • How Kanban and other scheduling methods is integrated
  • Jidoka and Automation
  • Visual controls for effective controls related to lean
  • Implementation of Kaizens
  • Just In Time concepts for supplier controls
  • SMED
  • Waste elimination workshop
  • Mistake proofing and Poka yoke
EBS ensure the Lean Six Sigma concepts are aligned around the key business processes that fulfil customer needs and drive business results, while using Lean to attack speed & waste of doing business and Six Sigma attacks variation. Both Lean and Six Sigma empower people to create process stability and a culture of continual improvement. We bring capabilities in business management and process improvement to help companies optimise their operating processes and supply chain.

We help clients to synchronize production with customer demand; we provide advanced planning software, whenever same is required for the project. Our consulting reduces lead time and excess pipeline inventory, increase on-time delivery, and improve supply chain visibility.

Typically, once companies eliminate steps that don’t have value, or the waste, from a business process using Lean methodologies “War on waste”, they discover the need for even more advanced methods of identifying the root cause of abnormalities or variation.

“War on variation” and they look to Six Sigma. EBS has seen that both these concepts complement each other for achieving overall gamut of business results.
Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Drive:
  • Customer Service levels – 96 to 99%
  • On time delivery levels – more than 99.8%
  • Customer PPM – Less than 10ppm
  • Customer Satisfaction Index – More than 95%
  • Finished Goods Inventory Turns—More than 24
  • Raw Material Turns – More than 24
  • Supplier rejection levels – less than 100ppm
  • Repetitive complaints from Customer and Suppliers – Nil
  • Cash flow status – Always positive
We provide Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma journeys in three packages:

Package 1:- Standard open house and in-house Training programs

Package 2:-Short team improvement projects or Problem Solving or Improving the Value Chain

This focuses on key business issues confronting the organization growth that will deliver an immediate ROI. Today through such initiative we are helping our clients improve cash flow management and reduce working capital, reduce inventory levels, reduce floor space requirements, and improve quality & productivity. This package is limited to either one business unit or few functional areas of the organisation.

The problem-solving approach is best for companies that don’t want to disturb the current existing business model and only wants to extract the benefits of Six Sigma methods.
The Value stream mapping is effectively used by companies who want to identify the hidden factory and wants to work on improvements projects using either quick wins or kaizens.

Our clients take this package whenever they have chronic business issues or manufacturing problems.

Package 3:- Organisation wide business transformation

This is a unique customised deployment support of EBS group.

There are three initiatives under this umbrella
  • Business Transformation using “Customised Six Sigma Approach “
  • Business Transformation using “Customised Lean Management approach”
  • Business Transformation using “Customised Lean Six Sigma Approach”

This is a holistic drive within organisation and takes min 3 to 5 years for real time deployment. Companies take Lean and Six Sigma as strategic weapons for sustained growth.

EBS group has a unique model for deployment. The details can be obtained from info@exemplarybusiness.com.