Improving Business of

Improving Business of

Improving Business of SME

Customized Business advisory services for improving Business results for Medium and Small scale industry

Overall Industry is in the expansion mode and good competition is foreseen in the market with better products and services

EBS Group along with its strong professional associations and consulting network is capable to provide high end business advisory services and solutions to address any of the client business requirements.

It is essential for SME to transform the whole business model to meet competitive advantage. We as EBS guide them to
  • How effectively invest in Industry
  • How to make product with consistent quality incorporating the Customer specific requirements
  • Bring partnership understanding with customers for long term
  • How to practice BMS (Business Management system model) for improving entire gamut of business results
  • How to manage their overall financial planning and strategies for growth
  • Make them run organization professionally
  • Making part of their profit in people investment
  • Business ideas for organic and in organic growth
  • How to meet Quality, Productivity, Delivery, Response, Trust and Cost Targets
  • Small business strategies for growth without increasing Capital.
Major Challenges by Companies
  • Quality is no longer a compromise in the Emerging Markets
  • Project Management is still a problem.
  • The consistency of Quality Levels not maintained
  • Retaining Good qualified work force still a challenge
  • No Focus on competency development of people off late.
  • Strategic Business Plan for next five year in-line with TQM model
  • No close monitoring system for Cash flow targets and management
  • No capturing of Cost of Business Quality (Prevention Cost and Appraisal Cost) and deriving improvement project
  • No methodology to track the major contributor in balance sheet which brings down the bottom line and effective benchmarking of those parameters and closely work on improvement projects
  • Budget for People and technology/process development not defined in business plan
  • No focus towards creating customer centric organization
  • Most of the companies donít have clear HR strategies to overcome the cultural and mindset issues.
  • The Quality Tools are not deployed at work place and no effective linkage to financial results.
  • Focus more on short term profits instead of building a strong organisation
  • Major Excuse (since last several years) - The mind set is that we are in the transition phase, migrating from Product focus to Process focus, Defect focus to Variation focus and Detection focus to Prevention focus Ė No clear strategies to make it happen
EBS group has done a detailed research to find how consulting in India and GCC countries are different from other countries and why customisation is mandatory for success.EBS has a unique model for mitigating above business issues.