Business Transformation

Business Transformation Advisory Services:-
Organizations are facing enormous pressure to slash costs and at the same time to sustain their competitiveness and long term viability.

In today’s business scenario it has become vital to do a detailed analysis of the whole business model at specified intervals. Thus ensuring the top and bottom lines as defined in Strategic business plan are achievable from a long term perspective. EBS strongly recommends its client to use business management system tool for doing the ongoing analysis in the board meeting and management review meetings.

The course correction to business strategies is required to meet the changes of markets, expectations of customers and stake holders to sustain profitable business growth.
The organization should very clearly define the strategy related to product and process changes required
to meet market changes. Some time EBS has recommended clients to totally revamp the whole business model to meet Vision and business goals. This approach aims to increase organizational performance by a radically redesign of the organization's structures and processes.

According to EBS advice most of the companies should, at least periodically, look for ways to fundamentally improving their business models and reviewing points and mechanism.
We have seen that most of the time the causes of failures are following:
  • The Business model is not understood and deployed effectively at all levels
  • The key process measurable which affect the bottom line are not closely monitored by key team
  • Lack of ground level involvement of senior team
  • Lack of Customer centric culture at all levels
  • Competency assessment not effectively done to meet the challenges
  • Insufficient knowledge and understanding of the facts and key constraints
  • Lack of transparency and clear ownership of milestones / targets
  • Most of the projects are not implemented with consistency; people stop the changes once implemented. No sustenance of results are ensured
EBS Macro level methodology for delivery:-
  • Phase 1- Diagnostic Study to understand all the issues confronting business growth. EBS has an unique assessment criteria for same.
  • Phase 2- Developing the business strategies and the changes required in business process to meet the challenges
  • Phase 3- Handholding the client team for deployment of strategies and actions planned.
  • Phase 4: On going review with team on the achievements and course correction
  • Phase 5: Institutionalise the overall business processes and transformation - comprehensive change management process. This contains intensive Training, communication, workshops to cascade knowledge down through the company, empower and enable the work force.
Detailed workshop focusing on following:-
  • Detailed study of company value stream and Customer needs    Redesign core processes to meet the required results.
  • Reorganize a business into cross-functional teams with end-to-end responsibility for a process
  • Transformational courses if human capital is an issue
  • Improvement projects across the business processes
  • Ensuring the effective review mechanism to ensure achievement of Top and bottom line
  • Ensuring that adequate resources are made available to team for succeeding
We help organizations draw maximum benefits from the Business Process Redesign by establishing program leadership and effectively using Value stream mapping for most of the Key Business processes which is lag indicators for the lead indicators (top line of business results). We ensure that departmental barriers are abolished and whole organisation work towards common goals.

One of the important aspects of EBS business transformation projects is also driving change management workshops to bring paradigm shifts.