Advanced Product Quality Planning ( APQP)

Advanced Product Quality Planning ( APQP)

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

Module 1: Standard Training -3 Days
Main Highlight of Program:
This Program helps the Organization to improve the new product Development Process by understanding various Phases of APQP and different tools to be used for developing New Product Development. It helps the organization to facilitate communication all persons and activities involved in a program to ensure that all required steps are completed on time, with a high quality-of-event, at acceptable cost and quality levels. The customer confidence of quality planning is achieved by demonstrating the process as defined in Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) , focus will be on following:-
  • History of APQP
  • Different Phase of APQP
  • Understanding the Linkage between different phase of APQP
  • Importance of Risk assessment
  • Importance of APQP status Reporting
  • How to capture VOC for effective NPD
  • Importance of Design Review , Verification and Validation
  • Exposure to DFMEA, PFMEA, Control plan , MSA and SPC
  • Linkage of DFMEA, Design Review and DVP&R
  • Importance of Floor Plan Layout
  • How effectively product and process design to be conducted to product defect free product
  • How to validate the Process of NPD
  • How to evaluate the different Goals set for Product and process design and plan for continual improvement
  • Importance of Production Trial Run
  • Linkage of DFMEA, Significant Function , Significant Characteristics and Drawing
  • How to conduct effective DFMEA Audit
  • How DFMEA has to be practiced by design Team operators. More focus will be given on actual deployment concept of FMEA on shop floor
  • Linkage of ISO/TS 16949 requirements with APQ Model
  • How to Link APQP to Management Review of ISO/TS 16949
  • Importance of Lessons learnt Database

Organization can use the APQP methodology of planning. APQP aims at defect free product within a short cycle time and avoid frequent changes in product design and/ or production process
Module 2: Customized workshop and deployment support for APQP
This is unique model of EBS group. Today every corporate is moving from standard class room training to customized deployment oriented workshop for achieving people involvement and business results to sustain growth and competitive advantage .

We have not provided detailed of our customized approach on our website to maintain confidentiality of our approaches and uniqueness of our solutions.

We will be happy to provide you full detail during our meeting or you can request same to our customer service executive at or