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EBS Group is a global consulting firm helping clients to build strategy and acheive sustainable improvement in business goals & objectives. We partner with our clients to embrace a business transformational journey to tackle their critical challenges and capture their greatest opportunities to build a sustainable competitive advantage, and drive business performance. 

EBS is a single window enterprise, providing a variety of value-added services right from strategy formulation and deployment ,customer need identification to develop product & services, operations management, advanced integrated management system solutions and ensuring entire value chain delivering sustained business results and institutionalization of business excellence practices.

EBS Advisory services are the proven, trusted and successful in the field of Business and Operational Excellence. The set of methodologies we advice have been acclaimed repeatedly for their 
  • Value addition
  • Practical and Ease of implementation
  • Tangible breakthrough results across all the business processes
Our Customised deployment mechanism, is truly our hallmark, that helps our clients to align resources; improve communication, productivity effectiveness; and achieve strategic goals. We focus on effectively & efficiently engaging the human capital to maximize return on capital employed by increasing throughput and reducing cost of doing business.
At EBS, we believe that the right application of business/Operational excellence concepts integrated with latest technology, innovation and best in class practices can provide agility & competitive edge to our cutomers towards a sucessfull & sustainable future.

We are now extremely well poised to propel organizations to make the journey from "good to great" with the enhanced competencies and capabilities that we have assembled. We believe that pursuit of market leadership requires a strong future orientation and a willingness to make long term commitments to key stakeholders. As your organization reaches out and seeks to usurp these opportunities, we strongly believe that EBS can effectively feature as your strategic partner, thereby enhancing overall capability.

For organizations ready to take the challenge, we will perform a thorough diagnostic assessment or closely facilitate a self-assessment to help identify strengths and target opportunities for improvement on processes and results, affecting all key stakeholders - including customers, employees, suppliers, owners, and the public.
Four wings of EBS group :
  • Strategic Business Intelligence/Excellence 
  • Advanced Quality Management System
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management
About EBS Group