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 EBS Group can help if you are looking for:-images-_solution
  • Business advisory service to improve your entire gamut of business results and to keep the competitive advantage.
  • Your costs are growing faster than revenues.
  • Your company is under-performing relative to its competitors.
  • You are losing market share to either traditional or new competitors.
  • Recent product launches have failed in volume and quality goals
  • You want to improve the total customer experience and monitor lag indicators of customer satisfaction.
  • Your business can't keep on-time delivery with changing customer demands
  • You want a third party (independent) to do objective evaluation and validation of your present business model and suggest how to move forward.
  • Creating customer centric organisation.
  • Creating overall customised business excellence model in line with TQM, Malcolm Baldrige, Deming, EFQM models.
  • Deployment of Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, TPM.
  • Implementation of various ISO standards
  • Deployment of Effective Quality management system with best in class practices incorporated.
  • Establishment of following models..
  • Design Excellence.
  • People Excellence.
  • Operational Excellence.
  • Channel partner balance score card.
  • Supplier excellence.
  • Supply chain management optimisation.
  • Transform your procurement function through effective outsourcing.
  • Practical framework to improve operating processes in order to reduce costs, improve lost revenue or improve service levels across the entire value chain.
  • To achieve quantifiable improvements by exploring the hidden factory, minimising inefficiencies, improving decision-making processes and improving review mechanism and control methods.
  • The organisation's culture to be a competitive advantage.
  • To engage and motivate the workforce to focus on the right things and stride towards excellence.
  • Effective HR strategies for people development and growth.
  • To structure your organisation with the right core competency and leadership to execute the business strategy.
  • Medium and Small companies who is looking for an overall business model for business excellence and Strategic business Planning process.
  • Cash flow management system is not stable and negative cash.
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