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shutterstock_98250224sSupply Chain Management Advisory & Advanced planning software

Over the years, we have partnered with clients in solving their key SCM issues. We have advised them to take right decisions and actions to achieve planned business results and create sustainable business advantage.

Our SCM optimisation advisory services are one of the powerful tool for creating a sustained growth and competitive advantage. This will make client deliver faster with good quality and at a cheaper price. We have a unique software for optimising the inventory levels, meeting the customer demands.

The global competition, increasing expectations of customers, process efficiency and supply chain responsiveness is forcing organization to think on bringing value to supply chains and thus reducing cost to be more competitive. One of the important decisions which companies have to take is - overall optimisation of SCM though outsourcing and thus acquiring the purchased goods at lower prices.

We develop supply chain strategies that are in-line and supportive of the corporate strategy. Our consultants with global exposure to best practises in supply chain strategy, sourcing and procurement, supply chain planning, manufacturing and design, product realisation, and service management help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities.

EBS Group Strategic Partner - Plan Visage Pvt. Ltd ( www.planvisage.com)

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