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“Solving Chronic Manufacturing Problem”


Client had very high rejection which leads to Loss of 40 million Indian rupees as cost of Poor Quality.

The manufacturing processes includes – Pressure Die casting and machining
Sector – Automotive

EBS Assessment Process:

Done a detailed operational assessment as per EBS unique methodology .

The initial assessment identified following area of improvement :-
  • The Manufacturing process is not validated with proper systematic approach
  • FMEA of the process not capturing all the variation and not linked to DFMEA ,MSA & SPC
  • The SOP of the process which is followed by operator is not defined properly
  • Manufacturing process audit is not done within the organisation
  • Company has not followed structure Six Sigma tools to resolve the existing chronic manufacturing problems
Project Approach & Deployment Solution from EBS:

EBS strongly believes in starting with Process Approach for resolving any business issues.
  • Establishment of Process in line with PFMEA approach covering incoming source of variation and closely monitoring the process dominance which leads to problems
  • Linking of all the TPM concepts with FMEA process characteristics
  • Detailed MSA study done related to the blow hole checking and established proper R&R as required for the process.
  • Done detailed analysis of variation using various advanced statistical tools and improvement points indentified.
Implement Change:
  • As per the detailed study the luger speed and die coat application time changed
  • The runner design of the die changed
  • The cooling system modified to ensure that the temperature is between 132 to 152 at various places
  • Melting of aluminium ingot only is melting furnace
  • The specification of the RM changed as per the study using Paired comparison ( tool)
  • The Manufacturing Audit introduced
  • PFMEA. SPC, MSA, TPM all effectively integrated and also same is integrated with Supplier Processes.
Sustain Change:
  • Weekly review by Production head introduced to ensure deployment of revised processes , SOP and capturing of  Data related to Blow hole rejection
  • Operator has been trained to follow SOP points and Trained to capture  causes whenever rejection observed after the machining process , The data captured on daily basis along with Quality person
Project Results:
  • 10 % productivity improvement
  • COPQ due to blow hole rejection came down to 2 million per year
  • 20% reduction in Machine Breakdown 

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