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Knowledge Management Advisory Services

Why do so many organizations have trouble keeping up with the continuous change they face?
Why do organizations make such little use of the innovative ideas that are hidden in several places in the organization?

Why is it so hard to motivate people within the organization to contribute to change?

The challenge is to align the organization as a whole to a constantly changing environment in terms of learning and innovation. In the innovative organization, the creative process is not conducted by a few people working for a relatively short period in separate projects, but it is a part of the culture of the company.

We consider a knowledge management (KM) system to be essential for creating such an innovative culture to bridge the gap as it is used to rapidly capture, organize and deliver large amounts of corporate knowledge.E-Learning & knowledge management system supports value creation from an organization's intangible assets. The content of this system should be derived from strategic issues in the commercial value chain. If knowledge generated in for example CRM, E-procurement and Internet projects, can be captured and exploited, the system can contribute to bottom line value creation.

However, many organizations struggle with the challenge of the operationalization of such a system. Knowledge is volatile, everywhere, mainly stored in people's heads. Knowledge Management is a mixture of business data and information and means to put this information in the right context to enable concrete action. In this way information is transformed to competencies, skills, expertise, etc. which we call knowledge.

In our philosophy, institutionalization of knowledge starts with providing tools to employees in which information and knowledge can be

  • Gathered and captured,
  • Analyzed and stored,
  • Organized and structured,
  • Shared,
  • Published and made accessible,
  • Personalized
In essence, EBS can provide a e-learning & KM solution that allows organisations to bridge the gaps in corporate knowledge and enhance employee's performance and training by giving employees personalised and complete access to the information and tools they need to do their jobs effectively, whilst supporting them in their continual education and career progression. 

Note:- We provide only consulting solutions for creating a knowledge management . Our Client has to engage their own software team or partners to create a E learning modules based on our guidance including the software required for creating a E learning modules .

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