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“Productivity Improvement in BPO”


On time delivery was poor leading to revenue loss of 20 million Indian rupees in Credit processing Service line of BPO Business unit.

The service delivery processes includes scrutinizing of configuration data, updation of data, validation and printing of agreement

Sector – Data Processing -BPO 

EBS Assessment Process:

Done a detailed operational assessment as per EBS unique methodology.

The initial assessment identified following area of improvement:-
  • The Service delivery process is not effectively defined and  documented  and
  • Communicated to the employees
  • No Tracking mechanism was available to monitor the performance of individual service      agents
  • Multi activities  handled by process agents
  • To and pro movement of documents due to deficiencies in the document sent by customer
  • Proactive system not available to communicated the schedule
  • Process agents were using various screens to scrutinize the document due to non      availability of information on single screen  
  • The SOP of the process which is followed by Agents  is not defined properly
  • Process audit is not done within the organisation
Project Approach & Deployment Solution from EBS:

EBS strongly believes in starting with Process Approach for resolving any business issues.
  • Process mapping carried to understand the as is process
  • Using Value stream mapping identified the waste due to movement of documents and not     utilizing the resources effectively
  • Identified the deficiencies in the existing software system
  • VSM future state developed and identified the area of improvement
Implement Change:
  • As per the detailed study   re arranged the team based on the acitivitities
  • Important activity scrutinizing handle by senior process agents  
  • Only ok documents were sent for further processing ,deficient input  documents were sent     back to customer
  • Software system developed to get the details in singe screen, which reduced major  amount of time consumed by agent.
  • SOP are redefined and all the process agents were communicated  
  • Process audit system introduced
Sustain Change:
  • Weekly review by Business Unit Head  introduced to ensure deployment of revised      processes and  SOP
  • Regular meeting with customer held to reduce the deficient documents
  • Process agent s were trained on scrutinizing activities
  • Individual agent performance Tracking system developed
Project Results:
  • 30% productivity improvement
  • On time delivery improved  from 60% to 98% leading to 20 million Indian rupees  additional revenue for the business unit  
  • 10% reduction in manpower     
  • Increased employee motivation level

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