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“Creating & deploying Framework for effective Leadership”

EBS has been successful in establishing and deploying the following Leadership attributes & Mechanisms for companies in various sectors Like  Engineering, Insurance, power, ITES, Automotive , Software development etc.
  • Articulating Vision, Mission/Objectives, Strategies.
  • Establishing and Communicating Value System.
  • Defining Policy &  development.
  • Setting performance expectation at all levels.
  • Effective Top Management Reviews.
  • Creating and maintaining an energising ,motivating, empowering and transparent culture.
  • Ensuring that the right Enablers are in Place for creating a high performance organisation.
  • Face to face interview with top management team & cross-section of the work force.
  • Review of Short, medium business plans.
  • Understanding of market position and current SWOT.
  • Examining key business results ( Financials ,Customer, Operational and Human Resource).
  • Assessing adequacy of business metrics.
  • Created a customised organisation specific leadership framework.
  • Score card prepared to assess the present situation and detailed action plan made to move forward.
  • EBS counsellor spent onsite and offsite ongoing reviews to ensure that the actions are     completed as planned.
  • EBS Top officials spent adequate time to mentor and coach leadership team for ensuring     sustenance.
Gains to the Organisation:

•    Growth of Organisation aligned with Strategic Business Plan
•    Ease in achieving Financial and subscribing to a high performance culture
•    Organisational buying for a common vision and mission
•    Complete clarity on the goals and objectives of the organisation, there by fostering a
     collaborative environment.
•    Open line of communication amongst all level of organisation. Dismantling of silos.
•    Top management empathy towards ground reality

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