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“Strategic Business Planning & Market Strategy”


EBS has a track record of closely hand holding and influencing companies in various sectors in the development of strategic plans, market strategies and sales processes. We are considered as one of the unique business consulting company. Our engagement with most companies in this sphere of activities has encompassed all the three aspects required for achieving functional excellence, i.e., Approach, Deployment and Key Metrics.


  • Imbibing the company wide Vision, Mission & Goals. 
  • Market Force analysis and SWOT.
  • Establishing a time scale for developing short , medium and long terms business plans.
  • Effective review forums for monitoring progress against plan and coming up with remedial measures.
  • Establishing organisation wide balance score card in line with SBP.
  • Market segmentation and potential.
  • Offerings tailored to specific customer groups , geographies ,and client clusters.
  • Value chain analysis to determine contribution of each stakeholder in the supply chain.
  • Competencies to be built within the organisation.
  • Adequate resource mobilisation and effective allocation of resources to achieve.
    • sales target and market penetration.
    • Robust go to market road map and sales processes.
    • Key account management
Gains to the Organisation:
  • Achieving top and bottom line aspirations
  • Increased penetration and market  share

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