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“Operational Excellence in E Publishing”


The client is one of the leading e publishing organizations. Catering to well known publisher across the globe having 8 Business verticals.

In one of the important business vertical they had following challenges
  • On time delivery Improvement
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Rework reduction
  • Customer Complaints
The service delivery processes includes Incoming inspection, typesetting, graphics, Copy editing project management activities

EBS Assessment Process:

Done a detailed operational assessment as per EBS unique methodology.

The initial assessment identified following area of improvement:-
  • The Service delivery process is not effectively defined and  documented  keeping end to end requirements 
  • High level of rework  in different activities.
  • Structured approach was not followed for Effective analysis of customer complaint and      Internal rework.
  • Project management was more of departmental activity rather than multidisciplinary      approach.
Project Approach & Deployment Solution from EBS:

EBS strongly believes in starting with Process Approach for resolving any business issues.
  • The Service delivery process is not validated with proper systematic approach
  • Business Process FMEA of the end to end order fulfilment process is not analysed for      variation in the process and the current controls
  • Project management was dept based rather than team based to deliver required services on time
  • Effective project  review was not practices in the organization leading to reactive analysis of the issues   
  • The Agents were not sensitized to customer importance and loss or revenues
  • More focus was given on inspection than identifying the Risk associated with process and       to conduct effective contract review within the organisation
  • Dept KRA was monitored
  • Customer complaint Handling system was not effective to implement the corrective action to avoid the  recurrence of the problem
  • Company has not followed structure Six Sigma tools to resolve the existing chronic      process problems.
Implement Change:
  • Customer order fulfilment process is redefined with all the stake holders responsible for delivering services to the customer
  • Cross function Team formed for effective implementation of the process
  • Effective project management system developed and project review mechanism introduced
  • Risk assessment system is introduced to proactively identify all the risk associated with the project and systems  developed to identify and mitigation actions to overcome the risk
  • Established Business process FMEA for all the activities to identify the potential Rework elements and related caused and controls were analysed
  • Recommended actions are developed to overcome the rework
  • Errors are categorized  and individual process agents are re trained on the repetitive errors
  • Effective customer complain handling system developed in line with 7 Discipline of problem solving and focus given more on effective root cause analysis.
  • Process audit system introduced.
  • Process based KRA developed.
Sustain Change:
  • Daily review by Team leaders and Weekly review by Business Unit Head  introduced to ensure deployment of revised processes
  • Weekly project review meeting with CFT started  
  • Weekly customer complaint review system started
  • Quarterly BPFMEA review and recommended actions for the repetitive issues are reviewed for the results.
Project Results:
  • Productivity improvement from 75% to 90%
  • Customer complaint reduced from  53/Month   to18 /Month
  • On time delivery improved from 53% to 85%
  • Rework reduced by (6000hour/ month to 500 hours/Month )  
  • 15 million Indian rupees  additional revenue for the business unit 

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