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End to End Business Excellence Model for Medium and Small Scale Industry:-

We have deployed this end to end Business Model is several business sectors and details are given below :-

Business Quality Architecture is Effective Integration of following:-

  • IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Turtle based Business Processes integrating various ISOs , Six Sigma Practices, Effective integration of Lean Principles, Requirements of Deming ,Malcom Baldrige and EFQM, Effective Process Audits, Effective Internal Quality Audits, Deployment of Various Quality Core tools (QFD,GD&T,FMEA,MSA ,SPC ,8D approach for Customer complaint handling, DMAIC, Kaizen, QC story, QC circles plus many ),Effective MRM etc.
  • EQ (Emotional Quotient) Team Building (Leadership Skills, Motivational Skills, Time Management, stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Conflict Management), Smart Personality (Attitude, Self Confidence, Interpersonal Skills, Intrapersonal Skills, Influencing Skills, Living Excellence) ,Corporate excellence & Professional prosperity.
  • Financial, R&D, Marketing, Operational, Service and HR Strategies to meet short term and long term Goals of organization.
  • Effective ERP for optimizing various resources across all functions within organization.
  • Effective integration of best concepts from EFQM,TQM, Malcom Baldrige, BSC ,TPM and other Business Excellence Models.
  • Focusing of Customer specific requirements.
  • E-learning modules for Effective knowledge management across all functions related to Product, Process and Systems.
  • Deliver enhanced value to stakeholders and become more profitable.
  • Organizational Leadership; Strategy Development; Goals & Strategy Deployment.
  • Customer Focus & Market Knowledge.
  • Organizational Processes.
  • Employee Education, Training, and Development; Employee Well-Being.
  • Measurement of Organizational Performance & Analyses of Organizational Performance.
  • Supplier and Partnering Processes.
  •  Establishment of Cost of Business Quality.
  •  Strategic solutions to optimize the inventory,capacity to meet Customer demand.
  • Establishment of Design Quality Architecture for design excellence.
  • Establishment of Quality architecture for Learning and Development.
  • Establishment of Quality Architecture for Dealer management /service management.
  • Establishment of Customer Centric organization keeping the Profitability targets of Strategic business Plan.

Key Objective of Customized Business Quality Architecture of EBS

  • Strategic business transformation.
  • Organizational Level thinking on Business Quality.
  • Strategically growing the company with Clear Vision, Mission and Goals for next five years.
  • Customer getting long term confidence on your organization.
  • Clear marketing and operational strategies.
  • Effective capacity utilization with optimum inventory levels.
  •  Improved Profitability targets on long run.
  • Better pricing strategies and effective customer engagement.
  • World class plant layout from long term business perspective.
  • Improvements in customer Focus, Process Focus & System approach to management.
  • Business processes (MOP, COP & SOP) in line with best in class practices and Business results.
  • Integrated management System ( IMS) ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS,ISO/TS16949,AS9100.
  • Organization driven based upon processes instead of departments.
  • High Customer satisfaction Index (Internal & external Both Top management, End Customer and employees).
  • Integration Six SIGMA and lean methodology to various ISOs.
  • Improvement projects across the organization/all business processes.
  • Organization working towards strategic business growth.
  • Latest knowledge level among all the employees.
  • Reduction in Customer complaints.
  • High motivation at all employee level.
  • High level of customer satisfaction through effective core tool implementation across organization.
  • Effective MRM in line with Customized Quality Architecture Approach.
  • Integration of best in class approaches to business processes while implementing Customized Quality Architecture.
  • Plus Many other tangible and non-tangible benefits.

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