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More about Our SCM optimization Software

We have built an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions for manufacturing companies which help businesses proactively respond to real-time supply chain problems, thus providing a sustainable competitive advantage to its customers. Our planning suite of products are scalable, cost-effective solution that increases both top line revenue and bottom line profitability through greater sales margins and increased efficiency. The product is complementary to ERP solution like SAP or Oracle. It pulls required data from ERP like BOM, Routing, Inventory and WIP and does the constraint base material and capacity planning. The output of the result is sent back to ERP for execution.  EBS along with its strategic partners is the only Indian consulting firms providing customised Software for SCM optimisation.

Our solution helps manufacturing companies to
  • Make planning decisions to allocate constrained material and shared capacity to high priority customers
  • Provide due date commits to customers on when products can be delivered
  • Optimize on sourcing decisions on when to order raw materials from suppliers, and in what quantity considering real-time capacity constraints
  • Schedule capacity resources optimally, maximizing plant utilization efficiently and effectively
For more information please visit our website : -
  or  mail to info@exemplarybusiness.com

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