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HR Excellence Advisory Services

To make organisations grow with sustained competitive advantage, the employee plays an important role. We believe that a holistic people development and HR model is necessary to optimize the deployment of intellectual capital and to drive corporate performance.
HR departments must become true strategic partners to a company's overall growth. This means HR must considerably raise its share of value-adding tasks and expand its strategic influence by not only supporting but also taking responsibility of key metrics which increases the Top and bottom line of company.

Our experts have successfully translated corporate strategies into suitable HR missions and HR strategies.

We provide comprehensive advisory services on all key aspects of successful human resources management, such as
  • HR strategy and policies
  • HR Manual for good governance
  • HR organization & processes
  • Workforce competency framework & knowledge management
  • Change management, and establishment effective leadership
  • Placing people in the right jobs and organisation re-structuring
  • Performance Management Systems(PMS)
  • Compensation and Benefit Administration
  • Reward and Recognition process
  • Incentive methods
  • Management development programme
  • How motivation and empowerment is ensured by Top management
  • HR outsourcing in India and abroad for improved effective and efficiency
  • End to End human resources development
We support organisation for Organizational Development (OD) Initiatives: Our Organizational Development (OD) initiatives are geared towards encouraging employees to solve problems, instead of avoiding them, with the help of various management techniques. This in turn, leads to greater personal, group, and organizational effectiveness. We focus primarily on the human and social side of the organization.

Our process consists of three major steps:

  • Diagnosis
  • Intervention
  • Evaluation
We support organisation for effective Talent Management: Core competency needed to deliver business strategy over the next 3-5 years needs to be developed and the next generation of leaders must come from within. Retention of high performers would be critical to the success of the business. By focusing on the career and people requirements of the business plan, and ensuring a human capital strategy that aligns fully with your business needs we help you retain and engage the people you need to deliver maximum financial performance now and in the future.

We support Executive Coaching for Medium and small scale industry:

We have seen this as one area most of the SME’s struggle - to operate the organisation professionally covering entire business processes with best in class way.

In our management consulting and Corporate Executive Coaching ¬we associate with high potential employees as well as assist those who need to bridge performance gaps. We employ a range of diagnostic tools to provide the person being coached with the insight and awareness needed to create a meaningful Personal Development plan with measurable goals.

In an environment where all the while we are expected to do more with less, our Executive coaching & business coaching helps deal with erosion of employee, public trust and the loss of valuable intellectual capital.

Our core focus is to create leadership quality and improve the entire gamut of business results having right people at right place. Our approach is based on the wisdom of knowledge transfers to client systems, which increase their internal capability and ensures sustainable growth.

Human Transformation Workshops:

This course will bring total shift in an individual to be more creative and performance oriented with stress levels. We invite 2 participants per program from the organization to undergo this 3 day residential program. There would be participants from other organization also. The number of participants would be restricted to 8 per batch to bring in effectiveness through personalized interaction. The Transformation course has 3 levels viz. level-1 would be for 3 days, level-2 for 3 days and level-3 for 4/5 days.

Our unique soft skills training integrated with Technical Trainings:
  • Module 1- Managing Change in the Workplace
  • Module 2- Building Leaders in the Workplace
  • Module 3- Building an Effective Team and Communicating
  • Module 4- Setting Objectives and Cascading
  • Module 5- Managing Time and Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • Module 6- Managing Stress
  • Module 7- Mentoring
  • Module 8 – Other soft skills programs
                          o    Supervisory Skills  (PRODUCTION)
                          o    Building a positive workplace culture
                          o    Enhancing your negotiation skills and managing conflicts
                          o    Change leadership Program at different levels
                          o    Human Transformation for Business Excellence
                          o    Emotional intelligence
                          o    HEALTHY LIVING Inspired Living
                          o    Plus many

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