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“Creating a Customer centric organisation”

EBS has engaged in raising the level of awareness within organisations are continually striving meet Customer expectations in a consistent manner.
  • Our approach begins with ensuring that the company strategy includes determining expectations, and preferences of customers to ensure the relevance of current product / services and to develop new opportunities.
         o    Market Force analysis
         o    Drivers of purchase decisions
         o    Analyse Customer behaviour ( Repeat buy, warranty claims, service complaints, price 
               sensitivity, Standard benchmark surveys )

  • Establishing a mechanism for determining satisfactions levels of customers and building relationship to retain current business and develop new opportunities.
         o    Customer Communications channels
         o    Complaint management process
         o    Building relationships for repeat business and referrals

  • Establishing a robust process for sustaining customer centric behaviour within organisation.
        o    Customer champions for key accounts
        o    Ongoing reviews by top management on metrics related to customer focus
        o    Customer satisfaction measurement


  • Everyone pulls together for the customer
  • Company work ethics and value systems in line with customer voice

Gains to the Organisation:
  • Increase market share
  • Repeat business
  • Enhance customer Loyalty and relationship

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