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Core Tool Integration- Operational Excellence

“Reduction In house and Customer Rejections”


The client is auto component manufacturer and supplier to all the OEM.  Had a high level of in house and customer PPM (Customer line and warranty rejection).
The manufacturing process   includes – different machining and surface treatment Process .
Sector – Automotive.  

EBS Assessment Process:

Done a detailed operational assessment as per EBS unique methodology.

The initial assessment identified following area of improvement:-
  • The Service delivery process is not effectively defined and  documented  and communicated to the employees.
  • Even though the Organizaiton has documented all the Core tools ,implementation and deployment of the core tools in the shop floor was very weak .
  • Operation team had macro level knowledge on core tools and importance of core tools it was made only for customer submission purpose.
  • All the functions of the product were not captured and effective establishment of DFMEA using boundary diagram Item function sheet and  parameter diagram was missing.
  • FMEA of the process not capturing all the variation and not linked to DFMEA ,MSA & SPC.
  • Process capability studies for critical and important characteristics monitoring was not effective. 
  • Only Gage R&R were conducted for some of the measurement system.
  • Process audits conducted but were not effective.
Project Approach & Deployment Solution from EBS:

EBS strongly believes in Deployment of all the core tools and effective integration of core tools   in the shop floor.
  • Customized  training provided to Cross function team on each core tools with intent of core tools, importance of core tools and best in class method for establishing and documenting the core tools .
  • Critical functions were identified using DFMEA  and the major warranty issues are captured while establishing  DFMEA.
  • Significant and critical functions are linked to characteristics and the same is identified in the drawing.
  • All the Process variation , incoming source of variation and dominance are captured while establishing  the Process FMEA.
  • Measurement system Family identified and statistical studies to be conducted for each measurement system established and started conducting various studies as per the plan.
  • Process capability studies are conducted again for all the significant characteristics and frequency for ongoing capability studies defined Identified.
  • All the core tools are integrated and the shop floor people are made aware of importance of characteristics and its effect on business and customer.
  • Identified some of the critical process characteristics in machining for effective monitoring.
  • Identified process characteristic in surface treatment for effective monitoring.
Implement Change:
  • Product and Process characteristics in machining and surface treatment process were started monitoring effectively using control charts.
  • Every day/week the control charts are reviewed using interpretations to understand the presence of any special causes in the process.
  • Effective control are implemented as identified in the recommended action in the process and Design FMEA.
  • The Manufacturing Audit system introduced.
  • Design Review linked to DFMEA and conducted effectively before freezing the design specification for the product.
  • DFMEA, PFMEA. SPC, MSA, are effectively integrated.
Sustain Change:
  • Weekly review by Operation head and Fortnightly review by Business Unit Head  introduced to ensure deployment of core tools with the integration in the shop floor.
  • Induction Training module prepared and all the new employees were trained on important aspects of Core tools and integration of core tools before putting them on the job.
  • Layered process audit is introduced for some of the critical process.

Project Results:
  • 20 Million rupees saved by improving Cost of poor Quality
  • Shop floor PPM reduced from 100000 PPM to 5000 PPM
  • Repetitive complaint has come down to zero for last six months
  • Warranty and customer return reduced from 50000 PPM to 2000 PPM
  • Capacity utilization improved by 2%

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