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Competency Mapping and Assessment Advisory Services

One of the important aspects of organization is to have sustained growth with right people having zeal to excel and stride towards business excellence.

EBS Group focus on following while working with clients:-
  • To develop right organization structure to meet strategic goals
  • Identification and development of all job position with required skill sets to perform
  • Defining the Job description and Job specification for all job position with clear responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities
  • The skills identified covers all - Domain, Soft Skills, System skills (all Quality and business tools)
  • To support organization for career and succession planning for key positions and key people
  • To define the strategies for mitigating risk related to key positional skills
  • Develop questionnaire based on the business needs and critical success factors
  • Identify a team of key individuals across levels based on the past and present performance
  • Discuss with the team one on one as well as in a group
  • Develop a Competency framework and present to the group for further iterations
  • Communicate the Framework and its importance to all across the organization
  • Incorporate the competencies in the PMS
  • Develop the Competency Assessment tool
  • Create an assessment team and communicate to all the reasons and outcome of the assessment
  • Based on the Structure, Role, Job Description, and the criticality assess individuals on the competencies.
  • Evolve a Developmental Plan for each individual based on the outcome of the assessment with timelines
  • Review progress on the development of individuals

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