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Channel Partner/Dealer Management Advisory Services:

Our advisory services ensure that how Channel partners perform to meet the strategic goals of the organisation. They are responsible for both ensuring that customers are well supported and focused on targets in the most efficient and effective manner.

We ensure following while delivery:
  • Whether defined process is there for ensuring performance of dealer/channel partner
  •  How to optimise distribution channel to reduce cost
  • How we are improving on the market share
  • Effective review forums to do course corrections to ensure the defined targets are met
  • EBS’s experts work with clients to create competitive advantage through the optimization of channels partners.
One of the unique models of EBS:

"Quality Architecture for Dealer /Channel Partner Management “

  • We customize the whole Balance Score Card according to the organization present structure and future needs
  • This is a Tool to objectively evaluate and analyze a dealership’s business performance. The Score will consider all the important gamut of dealership’s business and performance targets
  • To have a detailed, amalgamated and comparable dealer performance measure – equating dealers across sizes and geographies
  • Simple metrics to understand and implement
  • To have mechanism of periodic evaluation and improvement projects
  • To enable rewards for good performance dealers and to communicate best in class practices across dealership for effective benchmarking of performance
  • This score can be used to suitably incentivize the dealer/channel partner outlets.
EBS Approach for Deployment:

EBS Focus on Ten key areas while supporting clients
  • Detailed Diagnostic Study to understand the current practices and identifying the present status– We have an unique assessment criteria for doing same.
  • Formation of Core Team (which includes representation from Key dealer) and Kickoff
  • Establishment of Frame work for Balance Score Card
          a) The Quality Architecture score card Structure Main Parameters
  • Business Performance Index
  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Brand Protection Index
  • Infrastructure Index
  • Other customized Parameters related to SBP
           b) Sub Parameters
  • Sale and Service
  • Audit by third party
           c) Key Factors for measurement (KRA)

  • Establishing of Balance score card Index, Finalization of factors and weights for each index
  • Target setting exercise – The Target for various factors will be customized or will be common for all dealer/channel partners.
  • Finalization of Balance score card audit checklist
  • Online Balance score software development and deployment
  • Training to all team within organization and at dealer place of the requirements of balance score card. Effectively communicating the need of BSC and how in future the performance in linked to Business.
  • Deployment of Balance Score card 
  • Audit and course correction on the approach (if needed ) and Institutionalize the whole concept
EBS has its own defined methodology for evaluating a organization under above 10 category.

We will define a Customized approach for your organization under each category and methodology, most of the time the deployment of Balance Score will be entirely different for every client.

Few highlights of our detailed deployment (example of some other client where we have done deployment):
  • Business Performance Index

             Financial and Sales
  • Achieving Overall sales Targets ( Value)
  • Dealer Payables
  • Return on Capital Employed
  • Achieving Overall sales Targets
  • Targets achieved /sales man
  • Inventory levels
  • Adequacy of number of Sales man
  • Events/promotion conducted
  • Forecast accuracy

    Service Function
  • Achieving service market share
  • No of stock outs
  • Equipment under Service Contract
  • Achieving the share of operations of the workshop in a quarter
  • Achieving the share of non-warranty revenues to labour turnover
  • Restricting the share of re-do/repeat jobs within target levels
  • Plus many
  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Brand Protection Index
  • Infrastructure Index
  • Additional Investments to expand Capacity /or setup operations in different location
  • Investment on Training people to perform
  • Process area
  • Sales process implementation
  • M T T R achievement
  • Quick Serve achievement
  • Right First Time Repair
  • First Pass Fill to Customers
  • Customer complaint resolution time
  • Human Area
  • Compliance to Min. HR requirements as laid down by Customer
  • Retention of Employees
  • Sponsorship for trainings at customer end
  • Manpower additions and effective planning of resource requirement

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