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Strategic Business Process Management and Alignment to Business Objectives

Business processes of the organisation are one of the important tools for sustenance of business results in long run.

Organisation should define the business process keeping customer in focus end to end, rather than  departmental processes and procedures. EBS believes there are four types of processes for Integrated Management system (Quality Management System) and Business Excellence.
  • Customer Oriented Processes (COPs) which includes the product realization processes – Represents Voice of customer, Process & Systems
  • Management Oriented Processes (MOPs) which includes all the financial focus of the organization – Represents Voice of Success & Systems
  • Support Processes (SOPs) – Represents Voice of Process & Voice of Individual.
  • Environmental, Safety & Health Related (EOPs and HSOPs) – Represents Voice of Stake holder, people and Society Voice
Business Process Management tools are critical to Business Excellence success. In fact, they are of very key importance to any process improvement or redesign effort. Business process improvement is the key to organisation success in long term .A company’s level of maturity in the area of process management strongly correlates to its effectiveness in the business management and companies’ growth and market focus.

Process Management is a framework for managing one or several processes, with end-to-end responsibilities and accountabilities assigned to process owners whose role is to drive process performance and ensure that the process meets customer and business needs.

We support organisation for effectively integrating process objectives to company level objectives and strategies through our unique policy deployment tool “Business management system planning or Business operating system”

We support companies to evaluate Business Performance, The unique score card is made by EBS professionals taking inputs from various proven best in class models and our own unique solutions. It’s a in-depth diagnostic analysis of the entire business model and processes where we ensure the adequacy of MIS reports, identify the key Critical Success Factors & Key performance Indicators that ensures organizational goals are met.

EBS support organisation to define the performance management system to focus more on process KRAs instead of Departmental KRAs. We have seen processes drive the organisation and not departments.

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