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Brand Profiling Advisory Services

Brands drive competition in every sector of world economy. It is mandatory for good companies to focus on effective branding to excel and necessary to remain competitive.

Our advisory services ensure that how effective branding can be done for competitive advantage. This will make client deliver better service, products on time to market.

We ensure following while delivery:
  • How QFD and Kano analysis is done to define branding strategy
  • Whether Branding strategy is defined very clearly in Strategic Business Planning
  • How to increase market share with improved branding
  • How to define new product launch strategy with branding results
  • What are the key principles and organizational capabilities needed to build a successful & valuable brand
  • What attributes of our brand enable us to a build position different from the competition in the long run?
  • Deciding on new product and service priorities
  • Positioning the brand including launch and re-launch
  • Conducting internal and employee branding
  • Developing the best possible marketing mix
  • Tracking brand performance
EBSís experts work with clients to develop branding strategies that include deep understanding of market and customersí needs.

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