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Balance Score Card deployment:

Module 1: Standard workshop - 3 Days

Main Highlight of Program:

This Program helps the Organization to identify a frame work for policy deployment. The business objectives are effectively percolated down the level for achieving sustained growth with competitive advantages.
  • Origin and Evolution of Balanced Score Card

  • Need of Balanced Score Card

  • Strategy development and execution

  • Lead and Lag Indicators

  • Terminology

  • Strategy map

  • How to develop Balanced score card

  • Financial Perspective

    • Basic strategic Theme

    • Measure strategic Theme

  • Customer Perspective

    • Customer and Market Segment

    • Value proposition

    • Core Customer Measures

    • Linkage with Financial perspective

  • Internal business Perspective

  • Customer Oriented process

  • Management Oriented Process

  • Support Oriented Process

  • Process objectives and measures

  • Linkage with Financial and Customer perspective

  • Learning and Growth perspective

    • Human Capital

    • Information Capital

    • Knowledge management

    • Core objectives and measures

    • Linkage with Financial, customer & Process Perspective

  • How to implement effective Balance Score card

  • Common Pitfalls in developing and implementing Balanced score card

  • Key success factors in developing and implementing Balanced score card

  • Case studies & Exercises

Objectives of the training

Provide an overview of the background and key concepts and importance of balanced Score card and to provide detailed understanding of 4 perspectives of balanced score card in order to develop and implement balanced score card in the organization effectively and efficiently

Your Benefits from the program

  • Understand the importance of Balanced score card

  • Understand 4 perspective of balanced score card

  • Participant will be able to develop and implement effective Balanced score card within their organization

Who Should Attend the Course?

  • Executives, Managers and Strategic Planners

  • Executives from Business /Operational Excellence / TQM / Manufacturing Engineering Professional

  • Management Representatives/ Personnel Responsible for QMS

  • Process Improvement Champions and Coordinators

  • Business consulting and management consultancy firm

Why EBS as Training Partner :

  • Highly experienced faculty from Exemplary Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will conduct this training program

  • Practical Case studies will be shared in the workshop

  • Practical application of the concept taught in class room

  • The unique blend of our Strategic and Quality Management consultancy services leading to single window solution provider.

  • Expertise in exploring the real issues confronting the business growth and identifying the hidden factory

  • Deep industry experience. We bring deep sector knowledge and informed points of view about the markets and competitors.

  • Client team feel motivated/vibrant after exchanging ideas and solutions with our strategic and quality consultants

  • Multilingual Training

  • Compatible, flexible and customer friendly approach

Module 2: Customized workshop and deployment support for Balanced Score Card

This is unique model of EBS group. Today every corporate is moving from standard class room training to customized deployment oriented workshop for achieving people involvement and business results to sustain growth and competitive advantage .

We have not provided detailed of our customized approach on our website to maintain confidentiality of our approaches and uniqueness of our solutions.

We will be happy to provide you full detail during our meeting or you can request same to our customer service executive at customerservices@exemplarybusiness.com or info@exemplarybusiness.com

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