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AS 9100 is the Quality Systems of Aerospace Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing. AS 9100 was developed using the ISO 9001, AS 9000, and EN9000-1, and builds upon their requirements to produce a globally-harmonized standard that meets the requirements of aerospace companies worldwide. The first standard available for use across the global aerospace community, AS 9100 adds the additional requirements necessary to address both civil and military aviation and aerospace needs.

Module 1: General Awareness Training 1 Day

To provide overview of requirements of the AS 9100 Rev C. Focus will be on following:-

  • History of AS 9100 Rev C

  • ISO 9001 QMS Model

  • Exposure to 8 Quality management Principles

  • Exposure to Customer Specific Requirements its importance

  • Exposure to different categories of Process

  • Effectiveness and effici

  • Overview of Requirements of AS9100 Rev C

  • Overview to Aerospace specific requirements (FAI, Key Characteristic Variation management , Configuration Management )
  • Exposure to Corrective and preventive actions concepts
  • Exposure to Continual improvement concept
  • Requirements of Certification

ctives of the training

Make participants to understand the importance of 8 Quality Management Principle and AS 9100 Rev C

Module 2: Documentation and Implementation Training 3 Days

To provide in depth knowledge on AS9100 Rev C and Customer specific requirements in order to Establish and documents AS 9100 Rev C Quality management System in the organization . Focus will be on following:-

  • understanding Goals & History of AS9100 Rev C

  • Exposure to 8 Quality management Principles

  • Exposure to different categories of Process

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the process

  • Exposure to Turtle concept and octopus model for defining the process

  • Understanding of AS 9100 Rev C requirements as required by IAQG

  • Provide Best-in-Class BMS concepts and approaches

  • To know the importance of Customer specific requirements and how they affect the auditing of AS 9100 Rev C

  • Documentation requirements of AS 9100 Rev C

  • To know how to upgrade the existing QMS to meet the requirements AS9100 rev C

  • Over view of Core tools ( FAI, Key characteristics Management, Configuration management )

  • Exposure to Document and Record control

  • Exposure to Corrective and preventive actions concepts

  • Exposure to Continual improvement concept

  • Latest in AS9100 Rev C auditing and certification requirements

Objectives of the training

Make participants to understand the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in order effectively document, implement and continually improve the effectiveness of Business Management System

Module 3: Internal Auditor Training 3 Days

Main Highlight of Program:

A unique course designed and offered to train a pool of internal auditors who will be regularly used to measure the system compliance and effectiveness:-

  • Importance of 8 Quality management Principle

  • To recap the understanding of the requirements of the standard.

  • Capturing customer specific requirements

  • Over view of Core tools

  • To provide in-depth knowledge on the requirements of Internal Audit.

  • Documentation requirements of AS 9100 Rev C

  • Requirements of FAI, Key Characteristics Variation management

  • Documentation Requirements of AS 9100 Rev C

  • Different Phases of Audit Planning

  • Competence requirements of Internal Auditors

  • Audit Report and NC report

  • Post audit activities including Follow Up Audit

  • case studies & Exercises

Objectives of the training

To improve the audit skills of Internal Auditor in order to conduct effective internal audits and Value added audits in the organization.

Your Benefits from the program

  • To ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the process

  • Understanding how to effectively conduct process based audit in the organization

  • Understanding the importance of Internal auditing for the organizational improvements.

  • Successful completion of the course the participants will be able to conduct First and Second party audit for AS 9100 Rev C

Who Should Attend the Course?

  • This course is essential for personnel of all the levels of the organization who have implemented or in the process of implementation of AS9100 Rev C / those who carry out / plan to carry out/second and third party audit

  • Delegates must have some basic understanding of the content ,applications and implementation of AS 9100 Rev C

Why EBS as Training Partner :

  • Highly experienced faculty from Exemplary Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will conduct this training program

  • Practical Case studies will be shared in the workshop

  • Practical application of the concept taught in class room

  • The unique blend of our Strategic and Quality Management consultancy services leading to single window solution provider.

  • Expertise in exploring the real issues confronting the business growth and identifying the hidden factory

  • Deep industry experience. We bring deep sector knowledge and informed points of view about the markets and competitors.

  • Client team feel motivated/vibrant after exchanging ideas and solutions with our strategic and quality consultants

  • Multilingual Training

  • Compatible, flexible and customer friendly approach

Module 2: Customized workshop and deployment support for AS 9100 Rev C

This is unique model of EBS group. Today every corporate is moving from standard class room training to customized deployment oriented workshop for achieving people involvement and business results to sustain growth and competitive advantage .

We have not provided detailed of our customized approach on our website to maintain confidentiality of our approaches and uniqueness of our solutions.

We will be happy to provide you full detail during our meeting or you can request same to our customer service executive at customerservices@exemplarybusiness.com or info@exemplarybusiness.com

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