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We provide tailor made solutions for enterprises for long term growth. To stay competitive, you must change the way you operate. Our Customised Business Intelligence solution in tandem with the client ensures mutual commitment and guarantees tangible and measurable results.

EBS corporate excellence model defines a company's vision, sets long-term goals and outlines the nature and scope of its business. Effective strategies can give a company a decisive competitive edge and sustained growth on long run with good corporate governance. We support companies as they develop and implement strategic change processes, focusing on corporate transformation & performance. We ensure good review mechanism in place for achieving set goals.

We ensure the following while delivery
  • Establishment of Strategic Business Plan for next Five Years to meet Business Growth in line with Mission and Vision statements of Organisation.
  • Overall strategic management and corporate intelligence
  • An analysis of the current strategy (analysis of the company and the market, market trends, competitors, customers, product mix, marketing and sales approaches)
  • SWOT analysis to map the current position and the profile of the company and brand
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Various corporate strategies and business unit strategies
  • Development and validation of  business growth strategies
  • Financial Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • New product development strategies
  • Supplier Strategies
  • Operational Strategies
  • Channel Partners & Distribution Strategies
  • Customer service strategies
  • HR development Strategies
  • Demand and revenue analysis to validate growth plans and set pricing strategies
  • Brand Profiling Strategies and new business strategy
  • Evaluation of major strategic investment decisions including R&D, capital investments and related risk mitigating strategies
  • Support for development of Detailed Market Plan which includes demand estimation study
  • Strategy Execution -To ensure our strategy is transformed into action
  • Close controls on the key business processes which will effect business results
  • Deployment of Business Management System or business operating system for ongoing review mechanism
  • We have extensive experience in helping our clients review and entirely redesign, fine-tune, or supplement their strategies in due course to achieve goals.
  • We establish system for giving attention to what your competitors are doing
  • We ensure the total involvement of team though effective linkage of goals and targets with Performance management system.
  • The unit and corporate strategic planning integration if client got several locations of operations.
  • Various strategic initiatives for sustained growth

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