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About EBS Group

We at EBS (Exemplary Business Solutions) are in the business of providing strategic solutions to companies that are looking to effectively address their business issues. 

Our deployment mechanism, which is truly our hallmark, helps you to align resources; improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness; and achieve strategic goals. We focus on leveraging the investments, and effectively & efficiently engaging the human capital.

We are pleased to introduce EBS as an entity that is actively engaged in helping organizations to
  • Compete and prepare to face today’s global challenges
  • Enterprise to identify, develop, and implement winning strategies
  • Deliver enhanced value to stakeholders and become more profitable
  • Deploy and sustain best practices during ups and downs of unpredictable business environment
  • Define & implement customized solutions that precisely target various problem areas within the organization
  • Translate vision and objectives into actionable tasks to deliver desired results
  • Eliminate waste and realize maximum cost savings
With ever increasing competition in today's business environment, every company is continually seeking opportunities to improve its results. The EBS approach provides for all sizes and types of companies, a valuable framework that can help assess and measure performance on a wide range of key business indicators: customer, product and service, operational, human resource, and financial.

The unique blend of our Strategic and Quality Management consultancy services enables our clients to benefit from our experience, knowledge, benchmarking and unique products. We hence build and enhance competitive advantage. 

We ensure that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage with long term business results through our value added customized business advisory services looking into the dynamics of companies and markets conditions.

EBS has a distinct advantage of being one of the business management consultancy organizations which has serviced typically any type of industry ranging from small & medium enterprise to large & heavy industry all over the world.

We are a leading advisor on business strategy to most of the medium scale industry.

Our Clients calls us when they have something confronting business growth or looking for creating a world class organisation. They look to us for honest, objective, innovative, customised, and thoughtful and experience advice.

The EBS approach to strategic consulting and business advisory services is based on probing into the following areas:
  • Organizational Leadership; Strategy Development; Goals & Strategy Deployment.
  • Customer Focus & Market Knowledge.
  • Organizational Business Processes & Entire gamut of Business Results.
  • Employee Education, Training, and Development; Employee Well-Being.
  • Measurement of Organizational Performance & Analyses of Organizational Performance.
  • Supplier and Partnering Processes.
Achieving the highest levels of performance requires a well-executed approach to continuous improvement and learning. Team EBS has established and maintained an excellent track record in the years by working collaboratively with organizations to achieve incremental and breakthrough improvements.

 We are now extremely well poised to propel organizations to make the journey from "good to great" with the enhanced competencies and capabilities that we have assembled. We believe that pursuit of market leadership requires a strong future orientation and a willingness to make long term commitments to key stakeholders. As your organization reaches out and seeks to usurp these opportunities, we strongly believe that EBS can effectively feature as your strategic partner, thereby enhancing overall capability.

For organizations ready to take the challenge, we will perform a thorough assessment or closely facilitate a self-assessment to help identify strengths and target opportunities for improvement on processes and results, affecting all key stakeholders - including customers, employees, suppliers, owners, and the public.

EBS has grown to become a single umbrella enterprise in providing a variety of unique product and services to enhance the competitive advantage of client organisation both in India and overseas.

Today with growth in investment by the Private Equity (PE) / Venture Capitalist (VC) community in India, lots of challenges are faced by PE and VC to see their investment achieve their planned results due to lack of professionalism in Indian companies. EBS is the right strategic partners for all PE and VC in India for medium scale industry.

Our Specialized Services (Advisory, Coaching, Consulting, Educating and Mentoring):
  • Business Intelligence advisory Service
  • Quality Management System advisory Services
  • Human Resource Excellence advisory Services
  • Supply Chain Management Advisory plus Advanced planning software
  • E – Learning Application and Knowledge Management
For more Details – Please see EBS Group Services

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